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Garage finds


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Hello All

              I suspect there are lots of people like me who have things in garages/sheds etc that they have forgotten about let alone were they came from?

I was tiding a shelf up and found a few old coins so I soaked them in some thinners to clean them and found this from the days when garages used to give things with fuel!


ps I was a mere lad then? 55 YEARS ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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When he bought this   very ancient ABC  car, the new owner was surprised to find a pair of handcuffs in the car.

Quite  a puzzle-  as was the curious bracket ahead of the gear change which seemed to serve no purpose - until  the reason for both became apparent.

Turned out it was not anything weird at all!

With no ignition switch (or any form of   security)  the two were used as a novel way of securing the gear lever (in say reverse ) and  immobilising  the car


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12 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

i remember on the old forum one member found a bra and knickers 

i find that a strange thing to be in my memory !!!!


I did find a very manky collection of sports socks under a carpet, once... plus a huge pile of leaves. I think it was once pot pourri... but whether to hide the odour of socks, or not, I never found out...  maybe they were having pre-marital socks in the rear seat?



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