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Exhaust Pipe Bore - Herald

Darren Groves

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So on my Herald I have a Stainless Steel exhaust manifold and semi-sport system, all from the Club Shop. The pipe bore of the manifold is larger than the actual exhaust so you have to use a reducer. I had a rolling road session this week and the guy pointed this out as an area where more power could be gained.  Presumably the full sport systems are the larger bore pipe and no reducer is needed? But I didn't go this route as they're are just too load and I want to retain what hearing I have left.


So the question is are there any other options? Is the Vitesse Semi-Sport system larger bore, would it fit a Herald, is there any point?....



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Hi Darren


The Standard Mk2 Vitesse Exhaust is 2" Diameter, I suspect the earlier Mk1's and 1600's are smaller 1 & 3/4" possibly?


No Idea what diameter the the Club Sports ones are, Garth at the Club shop should be able to tell you.


To be honest I wouldn't bother changing, if you did it would only be minimal gains which you probably wouldn't notice anyway :mellow:


All the Best



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