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Hello Learned Ones

                               I run a 1500 Spitfire and for the last 3years plus I have been running a 88 dec thermostat with no problems.


Now I have upgaded the radiator to a full width and removed the viscous fan and fitted 2 x 9" fans controlled by a switch in the bottom of the radiator and manaul overide switches(the fan thermostat has 2 switches built in so I have wired the fans via relays to operated indpendantly)


All this seems to work ok except I may need to source a switch with lower settings this one is 88-82dec and 92-87dec thats the cut in and out temperatures.


But because it is in the bottom of the radiator it causes the engine to get a bit hotter before cutting in.


Now the purpose of the post is why did Triumph fii 82dec to most markets but 88dec to American cars? and we are going to Spain this year(4weeks dont panic!!!!) So I am wondering if I should fit a lower temperature thermostat so the car runs cooler and change the sensor switch to a much lower if I can find a dual one in the right range(suggestions for this please? part numbers or cars fitted to)




ps the car runs mk3 profile camshaft, 9.5 to 1 compression and cleaned up combution chambers etc, K&N,s and Megajolt ignition.



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the basic specs across the uk were  82c


for cold climates 88c    for hot climates 78c



the amaerican spec could have been raised to 88c as this allows leaner running and as the states were in front of the uk with emission laws 

could be to aid leaner mixture running


many manufactures went up to 88c in the 70/80s  when lean runnning gave many popular cars a almost white exhaust tailpipe after an hour on the motorway.

all old hat now 


i would advocate the temperature switch be in the top hose not in the cooled returning bottom pipe which can be almost cooler than tepid if the rad and 

flow are working well.



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If you are running with a full width rad and you have gone through the cooling system from top to bottom with new hoses, jubilee clips, thermostat, rad, given it a good flush, inspected water pump AND fitted electric fans you really shouldn't have any problems even with the hotter weather in spain. The main things is that the thermostat works !! At worst you can take it out and run without it. I took my 1500 to northern Spain for a holiday and had no overheating issues, have a great time !

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I see your point. If the sender was at the top of the rad I would say you want it to switch on a few degrees hooter tahn when the thermostat opens, but at the bottom, a bit more of a guess. However.....


I have just fitted a polo rad to my TR7 powered toledo [project (rad was only £17 delivered!) and used the rad upside down to suit the in/out pipework, meaning tghe switcgh is in the bottom of the rad. I have used a VW switch


and the lower temp switches on when the temp gauge reads just over half, and off when just under half. So may be about right? (sorry, not with car to give the temp settings, but think it is 87 on 76 off??)

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