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greasing of rear hub - Herald 1360

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For years I have correctly greased the rear hub according to the instructions given on the lubrication chart on page 11 of my Haynes manual - "5 strokes of the grease gun".


This time I very very stupidly misread page 171 of the manual and applied the instructions for the front suspension to the rear -    "pump in the lubricant until it wells out of the swivel".


On the RH grease came out of the swivel. On the LH no grease came out of the swivel but eventually appeared from the joint between the trunnion housing and the brake backplate.


What damage have I likely caused and  how please do I rectify things?




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The lubrication of the reaf hub housing does only re grease the ball and needle roller bearings inside


excess greas will drain into the oil catcher inside the brake and exit from a hole drilled on the rear back plate


at worst youwill get grease on the rear shoes, I suggest your move the wheel and brake drum and

clean up any excess.



never grease the front trunnions, these take ep90 oil in the brass trunion and this has the reservior

any overfill here just spills out the rather simple seal on the swivel threaded upright

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I always understood that you pump grease into the rear bearings until it came out past the inner grease seal. If you are getting grease out between the trunnion and drum backplate it has taken the path of least resistance. I solved this when the drive shafts where rebuilt with a little gasket sealer instead of grease on the gasket. It is not unknown for the inner seal to be fitted the wrong way trapping grease in the bearing and can cause the inner seal to be moved as it is only a friction fit.





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