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Dunlop D1 wheels x4

Conor L

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5 hours ago, SixasStandard said:

Just to polish this thread off......and just in case any further evidence was required...… a superb White Sunbeam Tiger Mk1A with Dunlop D1s...….the defence rests m'lud!!

Another case thrown out of court by poor Defence preparation... allow me to submit new evidence! (Love chrome, I do....)


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I use the standard wheels and trims on my Vitesse, which is a personal choice. 

Dunlop and silver Minilites are period, though I don't remember anybody fitting Minilites on a Vitesse back in the 1960's. Some did use the 5.5 inch Dunlop, but most used the 4.5 inch J type. Standard on the late 1600, all 2 Litre Vitesse and the 13/60 Estate.

Remember when you increase the tyre width then it will reduce the wet performance as the vehicle weight will be distributed over a wider tread. The results is less weight at any given point on the tread. Less stick. 185's get interesting in the wet on a Vitesse.


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