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1966 Spitfire Mk2 Sports Exhaust & Carb Settings?


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So my next naive question is about the carburetor settings when you have a sports exhaust fitted to a  Mk2 1966 Spitfire? My new restored Spitfire has a brand new stainless steel twin sports exhaust fitted.  

Now we're trying to tune the engine to get it to run a bit smoother, I noticed, by accident, in the Rimmers Parts book for the Spitfire that it says that if you have a sports exhaust fitted to will need to tune the carburetor accordingly and possibly fit new needles. I was wondering if anyone had fitted a sports exhaust and then made any carb adjustments? 

Any advice most welcome

Cheers, Kevin    

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Make certain the engine is in good health, checking valve clearances, points gap and ignition timing (preferably with a strobe).

Take the float chamber tops off and check the float height settings and condition of the needle valves.

After that, you're ready to tune the carbs. Just fitting a sports exhaust shouldn't need a change of needles. Adjust the carbs as per the methods in the workshop manual or Haynes book and all should be well.


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