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Pop Riveting on top of New Paint Bright Work Clips


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I need to pop rivet on the clips that hold on the chrome trim /strips along the body of the Vitesse. I drilled the old clips out before the paint was applied. I find the riveting process very brutal on new paint.

Is there any other way of attaching the clips to the bodywork rather than using the pop rivet gun. I hate the force of the pop rivet gun and the amount of compression is crazy. It also jumps at end when the shaft snaps.

I did it in the past and it caused cracks in parts of the paint

My paint is celly. Lots of layers. 





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Take care - that’s the only real advice!

However: covering the hole with masking tape can help alleviate the damage caused by the gun moving abruptly when the trigger is pulled but have you ever used a short length of brake pipe or other metal pipe over the rivet shaft? This holds the rivet away from the gun nozzle, and if there’s a snap, the gun is half an inch or so away from the paintwork. Dipping the rivets in grease or Waxoyl also helps rustproof them when fitted.

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And use a soft alloy rivet has lower clamp load.

or opt for shallow headed nut bolt arrangement ,

avoid self tappers

the advantage of pops is good for inaccessible backend and self sealing


even a light PU putty under the fitting will help hold and preserve any paint damage



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Someone on the old board suggested cardboard with a hole - pop-rivet through hole so if/when tool jumps, it won't scratch your lovely paintwork. But maybe the more professional tools like the lazy tongs etc. aren't prone to do this?



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