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Steering rack


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even rimmers bros is only £196 for a  new  unit     https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-305931

bugs me when many places show H /S as same rack as V /GT  when they should be differing ratio 

identified by the 6cyl input shaft has a anular groove machined in the spline  the std rack being without

fit a quicker rack to a 6 pot and you will likely  need a trailer of shreaded wheat to muscle the parking




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1 hour ago, Iain T said:

Agreed I wouldn't fit a quick rack to a 6 pot, the front end is too heavy

Have had one on my Vitesse for 15 years.  And 175/70 tyres.  Steering is moderately heavy at parking speeds but fine elsewhere and wonderfully direct.  Also solid rack mounts and a proper UJ.  I'm frequently told that this is Bad, bad, bad, and wrong, wrong, wrong, apparently nuns and kittens will die..... but I like it.


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48 minutes ago, poppyman said:

It's Flemish for broken i think?


That's exactly the phrase I was told concerning my 1200 block, but it was saved by being bored out to +30, so it may literally translate as: "Someone else may be able to repair it but I'd rather replace it if it's going to be a lot of bother..." I use it all the time too.

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