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Chrome Paint


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I've used a couple that have produced a "dull chrome" finish - better than wheel silver but a long way from polished chrome - but they weren't at all resilient. I found the finish rubbed off and any attempt to protect it with a clear lacquer made it go grey.

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17 hours ago, Colin Lindsay said:

Best thing to do is to use the real thing and have the entire car made in solid silver... you won't get a finish like THAT from paint alone!



Why a registration mark?  It should have a hall mark!

I suppose that if you have a silver car, then the monthly bill for Silvo polish won't matter.

(It not made of silver, any more than Goldfinger's car had gold body panels.    It's beatifully polished, and sealed, aluminium)

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41 minutes ago, thescrapman said:

On one of the classic car restoration programs they sprayed some Volvo bits chromed silver as the Mazak was too poor to rechrome,

Might have been Drew thingys one .

looked half decent.

It was Drew, they were sprayed by a guy in the midlands if i remember and it very hard wearing apparently. They did look good.


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