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Reusable Layshaft Cluster??


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Pulled my spare 3-rail box apart to see if the loss of the reverse selector arm had done much other damage.

Reverse idler was quite chewed up (I suspect less caring owners in the distant past, I have had it 30 years so it only saw a max 17 years use) and I had a very good spare on in a box of bits.

But there is a bit of chewing on the layshaft cluster reverse gear, though all other gears seem fine. It is actually a Dolomite 1850 box with a J-Type on the back so the laygear is different to other boxes.

What is the consensus? Reusable? Just be careful going into reverse?


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It looks like it might have been bored out to take a needle roller with its own outer race, thats not what came out is it? If that can be sorted out and no other cluster sourced at a reasonable price I think I would be prepared to give it a go but always very gently in reverse.... 

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