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3 way inlet manifold water adaptor

Paul H

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Picked this up from Facebook 

GT6, and Vitesse three way inlet manifold water adaptors in stock. Now produced in stainless steel. At nearly half the price of those recently advertised on Ebay, and the correct specification for both GT6, and Vitesse unlike other suppliers fobbing you off with 'one size fits all' GT6 type only.                    



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37 minutes ago, AidanT said:

Still trying to work out why it's needed



To feed hot water through the inlet manifold then onwards to the heater. Looks much smarter than the old one on my GT6! Or does it flow in the other direction?

Stainless bling always good.


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7 hours ago, Adrian said:

I went for brass and Chris Whitor ss banjo.

Unfortunately the chap that assembled the brass ones for us passed away.

Then one of the partners from the engineering company that turned the individual brass components  also passed away, and his partner closed up shop, and retired at short notice.

If you add this to the other retirements, and such, it was not a good year last year for us in our supply chain.

However we did manage to get the adaptors made in stainless steel locally. 

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16 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

heck Dave  ,, who said happy new year

its the demographic  age  of disappearing experience




We lost over three hundred unique product lines last year through suppliers/manufacturers retiring, passing away, or going out of business.

I seem to spend more time on resourcing these days than at any other time over the last 30 odd years. 

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