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GT6 Mark 1 Steering Wheel - hornpush mounting assembly unit

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I have a GT6 mark 1 1967 that is almost complete.   Whilst I have a steering wheel (dish type, being refurbished in readiness...) but I do not have the assembly unit that sits over the wheel securing bolt and in which the hornpush sits.   This is a plastic unit about 2" high.   Very frustrating!

Does anyone know of a Mk 1 wheel that might be for sale or from whom I can get the exact dimensions in order to start the process of having one made up (the search is going that bad!)

Photo attached


Any hints, clues, help would be very much appreciated




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I'm afraid you will probably struggle to find one, I have one of these Formula Woodrim Steering wheels in my Loft and have been looking for the two piece Bakerlite type Boss that fits either side the Alloy centre section for ages? 


I have searched High and Low at Autojumbles and Triumph shows for years, I have even sent E-Mails out to various Suppliers and Steering Wheel specialists but not had any joy :(


If you have the lower part with the moulded in metal splined section you may be able to get the upper part moulded somehow, I'm sure someone on the Club Triumph site was saying they could make them using one of the New 3D Printers, might be worth a search on that site?


The two parts of the boss are joined together and throught the Alloy section by 3 Self tapping screws.


Good luck with the search?

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For my Les Leston with a similar problem I had a friend turn one up out of wood and with a bit of fettling and fiddling to retain the horn push, make earth, etc. it's been fine for a good few years.  Stained and varnished to match the wood rim.


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