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Triumfest 2015

Signal Red

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It would be great to hear any news, plans and thoughts for this years Triumfest at Donington.
Enjoyed last years event (the first at the new venue) and looking forward to this year.

One suggestion I would have is that there are not particulary many photographs/videos of the event on the old world wide web. So it would be great if more people/visitors took photos (I'm sure they actually do) and share them after the event online, here's one I took for instance.

Hope the weather is (almost) as warm and see you all there!





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The only issue I gad last year was getting from one part of the show to the other -  didn't think much of the bus service!. I would have loved it if it were possible to get lifts in all the other triumph car types although I guess this is asking too much maybe.If the show was all in one place ut would have been a lot lot better

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