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Rear near side humming

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Anyone any ideas on this one, I have a humming sound from the near side rear area at 35-40mph in 4th and again at 65-70mph, but only under acceleration? The wheel bearing was replaced around 2000 miles ago and there does not appear to be any play in the bearing or the half shaft or UJs? Any advice much appreciated as should be setting off for the Spa Classic on Thursday.


Cheers Dave

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Which wheel bearing was replaced?


If front, I would be taking that apart and checking it. The no play is a worry, should have a tiny bit of rock. It may have been overtightened. To put this in perspective, a good friend decioded to get a garage to replace a front wheelbearing on his 360bhp cossie. He gave them the hub and new bearing, picked it up next day and fitted. 2 years, and 2000 miles later he had similar issues. On investigation the bearing had been fitted by an orang-outang, I could not even get the hub nut off with a 4foot bar on it. Given to our tame local helpful chap who had to use a massive 3/4inch impact wrench to get it apart, and pressed the old out and new in, problem solved.


If rear bearing, was the shaft replaced at the same time? if not, it should have been.

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I would be doing it sooner rather than later. Once the surface of the shaft has started to go, things happen quite fast. 


Was the bearing replaced as a matter of course, or because there was wear? As Pete says, the bearings run direct on the shaft, so any previous damage (however tiny it looked) quickly become apparent with a new bearing. 

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Thanks guys,


Does anyone know anybody who has a hub puller that I can borrow tonight who is ner Retford, notts? Don't fancy risking the drive to Belgium tomorrow for Spa Classic trip from what you have Said without changing the shaft and bearings.





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The quick solution would be a recon driveshaft from canleys or similar...

TR enterprises is local I believe, though mainly TR's and saloons, but James is a great bloke and may be able to help.

You have an active area around you, but time really isn't on your side here.


Saying all that, you may be OK, presume you have proper breakdown cover etc. But when it happened to us in France years ago, they cut the hub off the shaft and then had to wait a few days to get a new hub. Ouch.

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Dont forget this is a classic and they delight letting you dream and find the source of the problem

only to find when its replaced the problem ......its still there


They're very good at this .....many tee shirts out there for chasing the elusive



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