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KYK711D Vitesse 1600/6- Drain Plug Bracket 610470

martyn wright

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best to make one

its a pretty obscure bit of design , just sits over the hole in the floor its not even sealed to the body just allows a bigger hole in the floor to help fit the tank and the floor to rust through

best thing is new tanks dont have the silly thing , so the floor can be blanked off.



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I didn't bother replacing this when I rebuilt my Vitesse, or the water absorbing Sponge Seal Item 35 which can hold water an encourage rust.

Just make sure that lower area of the tank around the drain plug is well rust proofed with Waxoyl or Dinitrol wax.

I then fitted a suitably sized rubber Grommet to the Drain plug  floor hole.  



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Hi All!  Thanks for the Information.  Just had a message from Dave at Canley.  He had one there but said it was rusty!  He checked his cars and said that the plate was missing from all of them and basically not to bother.  I will more than likely weld the hole up?


Many Thanks


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