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Hot ignition key

Peter Truman

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I started my Vitesse today after a 2 month rest I noticed after a 15 min run the ignition key was quite hot but the ignition switch was cool. The gearbox cover was off and I had the heater on as I’d just replaced the heater hoses and was testing for leaks.
The outside temp was around 23C, could I have an issue,?

I haven’t noticed a hot key in the past, the key I used was an original brass 1968 issue so very thin nowerdays as I always carry it (good luck charm along with my US dime (in god we trust) of same vintage also very thin these days)

Any thoughts is there an issue?

Peter T

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16 minutes ago, Peter Truman said:

ignition key was quite hot but the ignition switch was cool.

Not sure which bit of the switch you touched? But the key's inside and I guess nearer the contacts? 

I had a problem with my GT6 switch last year, turned out the ballast wire was not making very good contact, but before I found that I'd looked up the price of a new one, £12 from Rimmers. Unusually cheap for them! Just checked for a Vitesse and they want £66! But that's a complete unit, no mention of just the switch. Somebody, somewhere must have the Vitesse switch?


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The switch body I touched was the key barrel and it was OK re temp.

My Vitesse is a 68 Mk2 and doesn’t have a ballast resistor all 12 volt.

I assume the internals of the ignition switch is a simple sprung sweep arm and fixed contacts. Heat could be generated if the arm and contact didn’t make positive contact.

I have a couple of old spare ignition switch’s could change it but would keep the original key and barrel.

Peter T

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