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Spitfire Mark IV Accelerator Cable

Neil Clark

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I'm fitting a Mk IV accelerator pedal assembly to enable me to have a cable run to the Mangoletsi throttle linkage on the Weber.  The mounting on the bulkhead is a straight swap as I found today.  Can anyone advise please where the accelerator cable exits from the cabin into the engine bay?   Photo would be great if you can.  The only photo I've seen which may be this is in the restoration manual and suggests that it exits just below the choke cable.  Does that make sense?

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it is just outboard of the wiper motor, but exact position is essential.

The pedal has a slot with a indentation. The hole needs to be vertical from that, with the pedal "up" if that makes sense.  I would carefully mark it from inside, maybe then punch or drill up, then carry on from outside so you will still be able to walk.

Otherwise you could work from measurement, but I would worry. Mine is not std, and teh original hole is welded up, so an't help you there.

(trust me, I had to fiddle with my pedal and alter it, if it is not perfectly in line it feels terrible)

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Thanks.  OK I've got the slot and clip.  Yes the slot on the horizontal bar coming back towards the driver gives me that reference point.  When I was looking earlier it seemed to be directly below the wiper motor but I'll have another root around in the morning.  The wiper motor positions must be the same surely.

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