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Wheel Bearing help

Steve P

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Starting to build up the roto hubs and CV shafts i have in the shed,not done this before but i am trying to fit new wheel bearings.Got the sleeve of the hub bearing off with careful angle grinding,is there  a better way than this?.How the hell do i get the new bearing on?,i don`t have a socket the right size to try in a vice,do i need a press?.

Also i believe they have to be shimmed?.

Advice appreciated.



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only played with Gully's hubs and we used a big socket , yes they are shimmed with sized spacers  to get a minimal float of 0.002" so can be a lot of assy measure  disassy  and revise the spacers  re assy   after a few it gets boring  and  ,002" is just detectable , you dont want any pre load or the Brgs soon fail  but also dont want excess free  float 



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Ideally a suitable tube that roughly matches the diameter of the inner race, either pressed, squeezed in a vice or tapped on with a hammer.  Can be drifted down carefully with a punch if no other method available.  Do NOT forget to put the seal on first.

They can be removed unharmed with a proper bearing puller



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