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To sell as whole or in pieces...


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Hi there everyone!


I've a spitfire 1500 sat here rotting away and I can't bring myself to let it continue.  Long story short, my previous address had a garage and I fettled with the Spitfire as a hobby really.  It had it's issues, would never be a show car, but gave much enjoyment nonetheless.


Well my new house is without garage and whilst the car has been covered, I've noticed that the last 6 months have not been kind to her.  In fact for my money, it's not even remotely economical to repair.  I'd considered doing a full resto, getting the chassis cleaned, welded up and painted, the body cleaned, welded and painted, and all whilst I looked after the mechanicals.  But really, even if I didn't mind throwing the money at it, whilst I don't have a garage, it'll only end up deteriorating again (I'm in that really dry part of the world, Scotland!)


So to my question for you savvy lot.  As a restoration with plenty of rusty bits on the body and chassis but what I think is a fairly decent motor, should I throw it out there for a brave sole to take on and sell for circa £750-£1000, or, do I scrap the car and sell the bits and pieces I've got.  To elaborate, there's an all new leather interior and carpets which have seen next to no action, stainless exhaust, new suspension parts with zero miles, some still in the box, an engine and gearbox in reasonable health, a hard top, a pretty new soft top and mechanicals, a few shiny bits with no real issues, alloys with good rubber, and a roll bar.


Is there a market for all these parts on eBay, here on the forums etc.?  Or is it worth just throwing an ad out there and see if I get an easy offer for someone to take a currently SORN and out of MOT spitfire for a project???


Your thoughts please!

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You may make more money selling the parts individually, but you will undoubtedly be left with a lot.  Some of these may be too good to scrap, but that may be your only option.  I would try and sell it as a whole for restoration, someone may take on what you had hoped to do and never managed.


It would be a shame to break up another (rare) car.


Good luck


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