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custom fibreglass spoiler


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Anyone have any ideas on who to approach to make a custom front spoiler based on a drawing (artistic not schematic). Preferably midlands based. Honeybourne are all I could think of but would like some other ideas. I'm aware costs will be horrifying and I'll probably end up trying to do it myself but want to at least have a chat to a pro first



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Have you seen Yorkshire Triumphs spoiler?? At least I think it was Yorkshire Triumphs making them. On ebay now


Otherwise there is the chappie poss on here? deffo on facebook who makes gearbox tunnels and speaker pods etc, so a composites man.

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This is on your GT6? 

Clive, that's not a spoiler!  THIS is a spoiler!  May I offer the design on my Vitesse?  


It's based on a sheet of marine ply, bolted to the front of the chassis rails, as wide as the car in front, narowing to the chassi rails behind.    The gap this leaves between the the sheet and the front valance is filled by a GRP wall.   I built that by forming a metal panel, screwed to the base sheet, and then laying up GRP against that to the required thickness.   The metal former was then removed and the base sheet was clad in GRP, for stregth and durabaility    The middle hole was for the oil cooler, and the lateral ones front brake coolling ducts.

The front of a GT6 is very similar to the Vitesse, so I think it could be done there too.    Glad to send you more details of the construction if your wish.


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