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Hello Fellas,

I've out the Triumph loop for a good few years with my 1200 convertible gathering dust in the garage. I've decided to use the time I have at the moment and the next few months by the look of it to really make a dent on the work required.

I know parts quality and price can vary massively, I was shocked to see a body mount kit from Canley classics is £29 but from Rimmers is close to £100!!! But is there a big difference in quality?

I don't want anyone to explicitly rubbish a company more of a guide as to where might be the best place to source certain items. I dont mind spending a bit more for a quality item, I really find it annoying spending any amount on junk!

This is my list at the moment.

Rear outrigger 

Bodymounting kit

Rear crank seal

Timing cover gasket and seal

Fan and Pulley

clutch reservoir cap seal

Clutch and brake pedal return springs 

rear flexi brake hosesGearboc front seal

clutch kit

Obviousy a one stop shop would be great and reduce postage!!!



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Hi Tom!  Welcome back!   I agree, that prices can vary dramatically,  To be honest, I tended to use Canley Classic a lot?  "Dave" also has Secondhand Parts available?  and he is reasonable on those too.  I have sourced parts from Members at Sports Six and Ebay, its a case of checking every price that you have, but if in doubt contact the Club for information the Members are brilliant and you also get a bit of banter to lift your day!


Good Hunting


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Welcome to the forum , My first port of call is always Canleys , best prices and quick delivery . Rimmers from my experience is the most expensive . EBay is a useful source though I only use it for NOS 

No doubt other members will be along to add to the list 


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I've found Rimmers massively expensive compared to other suppliers, Canleys slightly cheaper but often high postage costs, Paddocks the best I've found so far with good prices and low carriage.

For rare or hard to get parts, or repair sections and outriggers try Chic Doig.

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Canleys and Paddocks coming out well, I think with Rimmers 20% of the price drives their marketing machine!


I got some neat chassis repair panals fron Chic doig for around the diff area, they were also very helpful when I asked questions.

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Well I sent a big parts list to......

Canleys - received a promt concise reply, very good prices and the only one who can supply a 9 spring clutch, could supply most parts. Ist back with a reply.

Rimmers - promt reply, expensive, bodymount kit was £100!!!!!, can supply most parts

TRGB - Good clear response, can supply most parts and some of the ones others can't ( used )

James Paddock - Didn't quote, was told to use the website. Poor website, unless you know exactly what they have called it it's a pain to find things.

Fitchett - No response, I think due to covid-19.

Quiller - good response and can, fair prices can supply some used parts.

Have ordered the bulk of the parts from Canleys.

Will order the rest of the bits from whoever can supply the parts.

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