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gt6 rear spring

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Big day today. Finally got hold of a spitfire body tub, to go onto my gt6 chassis. (Don't shoot me!). Couldn't resist placing it on the chassis, but one thing was immediately obvious. Now I appreciate there's more weight to go on, ie fuel tank/seats etc, but there seems to be a huge gap between the top of the wheel & rear arch. Should I have a spitfire leaf spring, & if so, will it fit onto rotoflex uprights...? Many thanks.

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Are you sure you have the correct Rotoflex spring? 


The GT6 Mk2 and early Mk3 with Rotoflex Suspension should have 6 Leaves according to a Data sheet I have. 


If you have the 11 Leaf Vitesse Mk2 Spring this could make is sit high and any other Swing Axle spring is not correct for Rotoflex suspension.


Can you post a Picture?

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Hi Gary. I got the car as an original mk3 rotoflex gt6, so no reason to suspect the spring. It's got six leaves in total. It's stored away from home, so can't take a picture at the moment. Appreciate that there's more weight to go on during the project, so hope it does settle. It's been rolled a few times, so should have a bit...

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