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Outer shaft bearing


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21 minutes ago, Colin Lindsay said:

Watch the back plate / flange... I had to use so much force to get one of these off a month ago - the other was simple - that on refitting, it looked like this:



Doing this so I've got a spare, I suspect it was already a bit out as gasket sealant or some other sealant was used before, squeezed all over from all joints apart from the large split.  All bearing seam ok, apart from the two I destroyed getting off. Seals stiff and was leaking out of the front.

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10 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

take out the freezer and heat the remains of the ring  . cold shaft and hot ring should allow it to shift,   a ring always expands more than a shaft  ( no smut  ha ) 



Yes used some heat, but in the form of angle grinder!


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I'm a bit miffed as my renovated diff is leaking from the front pinion seal; I've just refitted it to the Herald and refilled it, so I'm hoping it's just excess oil from over-enthusiastic filling draining out until it finds the correct level. It's NOT getting another seal.

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45 minutes ago, johny said:

No wear on the flange seal surface I take it?

Don't think so, it was all stripped and cleaned before repainting and the seal seemed to seat well enough. I cleaned up the pool on the floor plus the front face and it may - hopefully - have stopped.

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