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2ltr Vitesse clutch


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I’m converting a 1600 clutch to the later 2lit re style, the flywheel is all done and I’m putting it back together but I’ve got 3 different throw out / release bearing carriers and I only know that the one on the left is from a 1600, can any one shed any light on which one is for a 2ltr Vitesse????


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21 hours ago, dave.vitesse said:

Picture - Taken out of a GT6 Mk3. - Right hand is the 2 Litre. Complete with anti-spin dent.


Same as mine right down to the dent. (which is meant to be there!) I was looking for something totally different this morning, and of course found this.



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a tip   the orig throw out brg is 19mm thick   some repro are only 15mm thick , this puts the lever in late orientation , simple cure is add a washer under the spherical post to pack it out , it is only a light fit in the hsg . so easy to remove  


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It’s a HB gearbox so an early square flange one

Yup Pete copper washer & thread sealant  fitted on the bottom bolt unlike the previous person who put it together... it was on the top left bolt!!! I wondered why it dripped oil  new oil seal also fitted just Incase!

luckily I got an original Borg & Beck clutch kit from Beaulieu Autojumble a few years back and the release bearing is 19mm.

i also converted from the crank scroll seal to lip seal and fitted a SKF speedy sleeve over the old scroll grooves to give a good surface for the seal to run on. 


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