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Dolomite NWP948T History

Callan Hyde

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I keep my online photos small for easy uploads, so it's all set to jpeg or jpg by default. I don't want to change any settings then find out some work while others don't! I have some older digital photos in TIF and they don't open, or preview, automatically. I have enough problems with writing and word processing programmes not to want to muck up photos as well. :)

Edit: had to go off and check; neither Mac Photos nor Preview even recognises it, but a resizing app called iResize opened it. It's free software I use to condense photos for uploads. I can download free apps from the Apple App Store that are probably better but I'm taking the easy road, as usual.

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10 hours ago, Callan Hyde said:

Hi folks, my Dolly 1500HL reg NWP948T has three stickers in the back window TSSC member 2012-2014.

I bought the car in August and was wondering if anyone on here might recognise it through previous ownership?



You could try the TDC forum. https://forum.triumphdolomite.co.uk/index.php?sid=fd9a65d84a256c310c04e80741c0dfa2


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