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HUCO fuel pump dealer?


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I have done some reasearch on the Triumph forums, and have decided to replace this fuel pump


with a HUCO low pressure fuel pump (Max 2,1 PSI). But it seems difficult to find a dealer, can anyone recommend where to buy a HUCO low pressure fuel pump?

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Roger.


Try Gower & Lee in the UK; they deal with HUCO. www.gowerlee.dircon.co.uk


It is on their website with tech info and they also sell them.


They are a spot on company (well one-man band really) and knows his stuff when it comes to carbs & other associated fuel items.


I had my 150CD's refurbished by them for my Mk2 Vitesse and they did a superb job.


HUCO are also widely sold via Ebay etc.





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