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eBay engine crane


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I got myself a replacement folding engine crane last year from eBay. Described as "1 Ton Blue Engine Crane Hoist Trolley Folding Carport Tool Home Shop Portable"

It's been sat in the garage waiting for me to have a use for it since then. (Long story, but the last crane I had was actually too big to move to the new house when we moved... so I sold it and eventually bought a replacement)

Anyway, I had low expectations of a cheapy ebay no-brand job and I have to say it's in line with expectations.

The various bits are badly painted in different shades of blue, with some rust already evident in places. It seems to have been supplied with a random assortment of metric-ish nuts and bolts which bear no resemblance to those listed in the parts list and in a couple of places I was disappointed to find a bolt has been supplied/spec'd where I would have expected a pin/clip combination. Anyway, just goes to show you get what you pay for! If I could have afforded it I would have spent a bit more and got something a bit better.

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