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Herald solex accelerator pump

Matthew Holland

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Not a help here as the carb is off the car, but years ago when my dear Dad bought a "bargain" herald (ha ruddy ha) and dumped it in my garden when I was on holiday...


Anyway, me prepared to strip the carb etc, but dad gets me to start the engine rev the nuts off it and then he blocked the carb intake with his hand. Car stalled, repeated a couple of times, and eventually the carb behaved. I guess the suction cleared the jets etc nicely, may work on the pump too?? Also show that old skool tricks are sometimes quite handy....


Ultrasonic is about the only way of clearing those passages if properly blocked. Carb cleaner squirted down passages and an airline can also do the trick, it a tad violent.

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Well, I’m happy to say the vinegar (specifically Morrison’s 90p malt vinegar) plus a judicious amount of mouth to mouth from myself fixed things up perfectly. 

It turns out that in addition to the non return valve beneath the jet itself and the one way valve under the brass screw above the pump diaphragm housing, there is ANOTHER non return valve somewhere inside the carb that had become stuck. 

That’s a part I cannot see listed in the exploded diagram. It’s definitely there though. 


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