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RIP Sir Stirling Moss, 1929-2020


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Sir Stirling Moss has passed away aged 90 after a long illness as his wife Lady Moss reveals the British racing legend 'died as he lived, looking wonderful'

  • Sir Stirling Moss died at the age of 90 in the early hours of Easter morning
  • The racing legend was one of the most lionised figures in history of British sport 
  • Moss's style and skill earned him the acclaim as the greatest all-round racer ever
  • His versatility won him 212 of his 529 races in every conceivable kind of car 






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Stirling Moss was the first 'professional' F1 driver, who made a living from motorsport, and one of the first 'analytical' drivers, who worked with designers and technicians to improve the cars he drove.     He was enormously courageous, not least in retiring himself from competition after his Goodwood crash, when he recognised that he could not drive to the same standard as before.    And, enormously courteous;   he so respected his Mercedes team mate, Fangio, that he could not bring himself to pass the Maestro, and so was the best driver never to have been F1 Champion.    He was the schoolboy's hero, and the object of the policeman's sarcasm when stopping a too fast driver.    Not a bad way to be remembered.

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May I recommend Ian Wooldridge's book, 'Searching for Heroes'.  In chapter 7 he describes his ride with Moss (Britain's man in a Miglion) in a re-run of the epic Mille Miglia that Sir Stirling and Dennis Jenkinson won in 1955 in mind boggling time.

They had big brass ones back then!

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45 minutes ago, mark powell said:

Dennis Jenkinson

Hello Mark,

"Jenks" or DSJ as he was also referred to, was a very interesting chap in his own right, especially within motorcycle racing which was a passion and also a gifted rider. His journalistic prowess is highly regarded and spearheaded the renowned Motor Sport journal. Sadly he passed away many years ago but I imagine he and Sir Moss will have been a formidable duo - not just on the track but regaling motoring related stories; especially shaping motor sport as one understands it and sees it today.



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