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Handbrake return springs


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I found my new transverse handbrake cable today and after making the L brackets and square nuts for the fork cable ends out of some SS angle fitted the cable and its bits.

Unfortunatley I cannot locate in my parts any of the handbrake return springs that go between the L bracket and the brake backing plate.

Can someone please have a look in their parts boxes and give me the physical specs, ie length, diameter and wire diameter. I think wire dia. is less than 3.5mm as that was the size of the hole in the old L bracket I found.

I will try buy some locally but need the above specs.



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27 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

  (Wheres  Colin when you need him ?


Out in the garage trying to find handbrake return springs. You wouldn't believe the things I did find... all Triumph-related too before you get any wild ideas! Why do I have seven master cylinder repair kits? I did manage to find the springs plus two complete unopened kits bought some years ago at the International, so have photographed them.

This skinny one is taken from a 948, it measures 7cm end to end with 14 coils.


These were sold to me a few years ago from a major supplier, but the two on the right look suspiciously like headlamp-adjusting springs... however the chunky one is the proper thing, measuring 6.5 cm.


This is confirmed by the shiny ones from the newly-opened kit; both kits from Chic Doig and an exact match for the original in the middle photo. 21 coils.


Let me know if you need anything more, it was an interesting few minutes sorting through those boxes and I'll be out later finding more forgotten goodies.

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Thanks guys great work.
Funnily enough I have a full brake overhaul kit in the post from Canleys to do all the pistons and seals but I didnt think about the handbrake springs.
Those dimensions give me a better chance of finding something locally or in my dads spring box which I might get him to leave out for me, social distancing being observed!

You are right about it being amazing what you find when you go looking for stuff. Last week as you know I found some brake calipers I didnt know I had, I keep seeing unused shock absorbers in one bin I didnt realise I had. Somewhere I have a brand new naked head for the Vitesse 6 ewhich shouldn't be that hard to find.☺️ And when I do I should spray it with Corrosion Block wax
But can I find brake springs!

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Today was work in side the car for the first time in a long while so I started cleaning the accelerator pedal and floor mount in the sand blaster and an etch prime then but it was onto the handbrake
Back to parts dept to find a reasonable lever. Find one and place it in the car and something was wrong so I sorted it with the same length of stainless angle used on the transverse handbrake cable. The finished item has a flat washer under thspring and I have hit the pivot with a red spay can to tidy it up a bit.

Handbrake latch.JPG


Then it was time to find a half decent fork and once again make a square nut to fit inside.

Square nut.JPG

Popped the handbrake lever in to the sandblaster to give it a clean before paint but before I did that I removed the knob and spring and thought I will modify this, I have no idea if it will work but I like itLever spring.JPG

And all that work took the best part of the day, I have no idea where the time goes but every bit done is one step closer.

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