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Glass polishing Kit

Pete Lewis

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the 2000 we have had a decent score mark due to some PO using the wipers with a blade missing or similar

this had marked the glass with significant sweep mark

all the polish kits on sale say if you can feel it with your nail its not going to polish out, well its def nail detectable


well worth a gamble for a few miserly quid and today in 20 minutes of work with just a battery drill at 1300rpm ( it recomends 2000) and by jingo its pretty much disappeared


this is a pot of cerium oxide and a 3"  pad /disc for power drill use 


      there's plenty of used screens for sale  Hmm   !!!  and new is around £300 so whilst its raining its been a useful








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I had a similar situation on a modern many years ago and purchased a kit to deal with it. 


About 45mins later the screen was perfect and would never have known there had been a scratch; needed to do it as I was selling the car.


The only amusing thing I remember was that the paste did get thrown all over the place by the spinning pad, but so worth it and the car had to have a good pre-sale scrub anyway, so no hardship. If I used it again I would cover the car accordingly. 


I would suggest to anyone with a scratch on the screen to try this option first before buying another "good" (!!) second hand screen or new.


A wise point is not to have the pad spinning against the screen for ages as it does generate heat from the friction.


Still have loads of the polishing powder left so always at hand if needed.





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