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Club Shop - Smart Screen


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Looking through the 2020 TSSC Club Shop catalogue, I have been viewing the Smart Screen (ACSF361) intermittent windscreen wiper control on page 28.

Has anyone purchased one of these and fitted ??

If so I would be grateful to hear your experience with it, please.

A sneak preview at the fitting instruction would also be useful.

Many thanks.


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Hello Richard

                        I have had one fitted to Spitty for several years(before the TSSC shop sold them)

I like it as I can set the intermittent so that the screen is wet before the wiper do each sweep

If no one responds I will find the instruction out tomorrow


ps I did not go for the wash wipe version seemed over kill to me as I would rather squirt the water and wait for it to wet the blades 

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Hello Roger,

Thank you for your response and much appreciated - this sounds promising.

If you do manage to dig out the instructions, that will be very useful indeed.

I have sent you a PM with my PM.

Thanks again.



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