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Mk3 steering bushes

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I need to replace my steering bush / bushes, the Haynes manual is as much use as the Beano !!!

A YouTube video would be handy  but I cannot find one and some of the descriptions on how to do it are a bit vague. 

I have removed the wheel and indicator set as you can see in the photo. Is this the top bush I can see? I am wondering how the steering lock and ignition set can be removed, or do I have to cut wires? 

If I want to remove the whole column, what is the easiest way to do it, do I have to chisel of the shear bolts? 

Any help very much appreciated. 



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Hi Ian,

I can't open your photo. Is it possible to upload it as a .jpg file?

With the steering wheel and column switches out, you should be looking at the horn contact ring which is held into the outer column by metal tabs which gently bending back. Then you should see the clip on the inner column which self cancels the indicators. Behind that, further into the column is the upper bush. To do a proper job and replace both bushes, the whole column assembly does need to be removed but you shouldn't need to disturb the bolts on the ignition switch/steering lock if fitted (only fitted to very late Mk3s and Mk4/1500).

Some (not me!) would do half the job because it's much easier... (this trick of the trade applies up to all Spitfires up to early 1500s, don't know if it works for the later ones).

The upper bush usually wears faster than the lower one. With the steering wheel, horn ring, column switches and self-cancelling clip removed, it's possible to fit a new upper bush without removing the old one. Slide the new bush over the inner column and using a suitable diameter tube as a drift, push the new bush down into the column so the old bush moves further down. Tap the new bush down until the mounting lugs engage with the holes in the outer column.

Final piece of hard won experience: some cheap replacement bushes are poorly made and of doubtful dimensions. In my opinion, it's worth paying the extra for the uprated bushes.


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10 minutes ago, 68vitesse said:

I bought some bushes from one of the big supplier's, extremely tight fit on the shaft, suggest check before you install them, I didn't.



Yes, me too. I had to bin a pair of cheap replacement bushes and order the uprated ones.


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As Dan says, that is a late 1500 steering column and different from Mk3 GT6 (or Mk3 Spit).  You should be able to get the whole column assembly out without cutting any wires (there should be either a multi-plug or bullet connectors under the dash) or needing to remove the steering lock.  I've not removed the later type myself but I imagine its similar to the earlier ones with two saddle clamps holding the assembly to the dash structure and a third on the column itself near the firewall.  This last is released by removing the two outer bolts only.  Leave the centre allen screw and locknut alone.

Once the assembly is out you should be able to remove the column itself from it - key will be needed - and then the bushes can be knocked through with a sturdy length and dowel and a mallet.


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