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Pedal judder while braking

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My Vitesse 6's brakepedal's judders when I'm braking. Disc alignement measured to be with in tolerance, rear drums checked by engaging the handbrake to be also fine. Vert link ball joints replaced.

The judder increases when speed decrases and is visible and audiable just before stop. At that point the whole front of the car is rocking. A bit like if the wheels where wobling.


Where do I start to determine the cause of this very unpleasant driving experince.


Regards, Flemming

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With discs you need to check for thickness variations aswell as disc runout


stuck on resin


rust patches

It may be the rears giving a reaction to the fronts

rear drum rust build up on the brake surface


wheels distorting the drums , fouling on the retaining screws etc.



front hub brg end float




does the pedal movenup down on slow braking ?

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