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Positioning of 'Triumph' lettering on 1200 Estate tailgate

Colin Lindsay

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This is going to be nervewracking but I've to drill a painted estate rear door for the Triumph lettering. Seven letters mostly with two locating pegs so that's 14 holes to drill. (Can't remember if the 'M' has three)

I've got various reference photos from over the years but some appear to be slightly different - if you look at the two I have in the split photo, on the red car you can see that the 'H' is halfway along the word 'Herald' below, over the letter 'A'. On the blue car, it's not even at the 'H'. The light cowl appears to be the same length so it's not just the angle of the photo. Can anyone confirm what the distance should be between letters? Anyone got a template?


1960296544_ScreenShot2020-04-19at15_52_17.jpg.f47dbfc899cd1513d4545a0ae2cd258c.jpg DSCF4945.JPG.e3b17186c8ccfef6807125bff35c10b0.JPG

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Yep; am now getting to the little jobs that have been put off for years. That tailgate was painted in 2003. 

I have full sets of letters (new ones, must have been flush at some stage!) plus plenty of little white plastic lugs for the legs. I think if I start with the U in the centre then try to space them as per the photographs they should be more or less there bar a millimetre or two. I was going to buy self-adhesive ones then I could have spelt 'Trumiph', which is what I bought a few years back, going by the ad - a Trumiph Herlad.

I'm not worried about water getting in that way, the seal round the rear window will be much more fun. Not available any more so I'll use the best old one with plenty of sealant.

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I think the difference between the red and the light blue photos is parallax. It looks to me that the letters on the red are all offset to the right compared to the number plate cowl, whereas the blue look offset to the left. If I compensate for that illusion the two Hs both sit above the 'er' in Herald.

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