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Stainless Steel Air Filters


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Hi all,

I've been working on my Spitfire since I've been stuck at home and I bought some Stainless Steel Air Filters from good ol' Rimmers to replace the dirty air filters I currently have. But when I went to fit them I noticed a hole in the back plate that, to my unexperienced eye looks out of place. It is the hole at the bottom of the picture.

Anybody have an idea of what the hole is for? My Spit is a mk1 if that helps.



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Doug, that looks like the back of those cheap pancake filters. I think the hole is meant for poking a breather pipe in there. Hopeless, and not suitable for a spitfire which don't feed breathers into the filter


Mr Tux, you would be better of refubishing the original airbox and fitting std filters, they will work better than those filters. If you want  asporty filter , fit K+N's at least they flow well.

I would send those back after calling Rimmers to ask why they have the extra hole, they simply are not suitable. 

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Thanks clive,

My Spit doesn't have an airbox currently. Whether it came like this from factory or a previous owner got rid of it I have no idea.

I didn't think it was suitable but on their website it's say's it fits mk1 Spitfire's. I'll have to send it back and fork out for those K&N Filters.


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Those are supplied, like many these days, for a variety of fitments - one of the dangers of dealing with suppliers who service a variety of marques. Some come with the extra hole blanked off with a grommet, even for the Stromberg versions (pictured.) They may argue that it's correct for the car once you blank off the hole, but they'll probably refund if you return it. I think your car came with two black-painted mesh filters, as shown at the bottom, so no point in looking for a filterbox, unless you want to adapt a later one!

grommet.jpg.af01b05012b2ea0fbd783fb09bf9ccb3.jpg DSCF8400.jpg.dc763e11ec631a49645236ba05fb106a.jpg



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I remember now. When I first bought the car it had those massive air filters that are present in 68vitesse's photo but they were dirty, rusty and faling into pieces so they were binned in favour of paper ones.

Might just go to paper ones again and replace them every year as the K&N filter are a tad expensive for my liking.

Rimmer's have accepted my return as well 👍

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