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Can someone measure this for me?


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Hello, now the chassis is solid and painted I intend to make a start on the rear tub.

The first area I intend to address is the bottoms of the rear wings just forward of the rear wheels, I have some repair panels with a folded lip along the top edge that should allow me to slip it under the existing wing and plug weld. My wing looks like it has had many bodgy repairs in that area and the internal area will require work first, I'm sure you have seen the videos on youtube by 'jademuttley'  it's the repair in part 2 of his Vitesse restoration videos. ( youtube won't allow links to be pasted into the forum? ).

My problem is because of the state of this area and the fact it has been bodged in the past I'm not sure how far down the bottom edge is, I have attached a sketch of the dimension I need. It's from the folded design detail that follows the wheel arch and then runs horizontal to the bottom of the wing. I presume this should also line up with the bottom edge of the bolt on sill thingy.



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Hi Tom,

regarding getting the YouTube clip onto the forum.  Open the YouTube clip then right click on the mouse and then click on something like copy URL

This can then be pasted to the forum  (it does on similar forums).



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ok Colin,

I have since roughly put the panel in place with the sill roughly put in too. ( pics attached ) Could you also let me know what your gap is between the wing bottom and the sill top and also the bottom edge of the treadplate?

I'm thinking it may be more sensible to do all the repairs behind this panel and all the other tub repairs, mount the tub do the door gaps and then fit this repair panel last!!



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