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I have spent a lot of time lately to clean up the water jacket (thanks for teaching me proper English @JohnD) in my PI block. Words fail to describe how much rust and dirt I found there! When I used my flashlight to evaluate my progress I noticed by coincident that I could also see the light through one of the threads for the bolts (see picture). That reminded me of one of Colins threads about ”potential leaking stud on engine block”. I started thinking ”maybe I’m not supposed to see the light through those threads??” What was the case when the engine was new? Please enlighten me...



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10 hours ago, Nick Jones said:

Sometimes the one on the other side of the core plug also

Yep, that one too! Thanks Nick. I plan to pour some kind of acid in the water jacket to remove the remaining rust as a final cleaning step after I have shoveled out the most of the loose dirt, sand and rust manually. So I just have to remember to plug these holes before the chemistry session begins. Still a bit chilly here on the island for working outdoors, will save that for a sunny day.

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10 hours ago, Colin Lindsay said:

if you need a photo of my 1200 Herald block which has been stripped down I can take one for comparison?

Thanks for the offer Colin, but I think I have the knowledge and the remedy needed now. Thanks!

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