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Steam cleaning


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stick a poly bag over the dizzy/coil   and any thing that may revolt to water


less aggressive and less water is use Jizer or gunk and brush or spray on and then wash of with a gentle spray or water can and not a forced hi pressure wash


remove plug leads ,  dry all afterwards especially the  Splug tops 


the cleaners disolve grease and grime and wash of easy leaving a protective film , so the 'bare ' bits dont go rusty




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Steam cleaning or just pressure washing??

I use the pressure washer on engines in situ with no issues at all. You can normally use a narrow fan and it is very accurate, so you can avoid the distributer/air filters and so on very easily. Makes leak finding nice and easy once clean! (usually why I do it)


Be aware the rest of the car will need a good wash after as the grot goes everywhere, and as for you, a soak in bio washing powder is required.

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