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Electric Fuel Pump

Pimp my Vit

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I am having problems getting fuel to carbs, I refurbished the mechanical fuel pump but it seems intermittent, first question is the glass top on the pump always meant to be full, that is to say over the top of the brass filter as mine seems to sit just below it most of the time...

If I fit an electric pump can I still put the fuel through the old mechanical one if I take the pump arm off, I say this because I like the visual to see that fuel is coming through plus I don't need to change the fuel line.

If I remove the pump is there a blanking plate available to cover the hole or do you have to make one?

Thanks for any help...

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If you have overhauled your mechanical pump and it is still playing up then I would say dump it and go for an electric unit.

If you have an inline fuel filter before the carbs then you will have the visual confirmation you seek.

You can get blanking plates but just as easy to make one from 4mm aluminium - ensure you use a decent gasket when fitting the blanking plate and a smear of sealant will be useful. You can also use a gasket as the template.

Good luck.


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the glass top pump will not fill fully, two things stop the fuel raising above the filter 

naff pump action the cam lever pulls the diaphragm down the spring returns and makes the pressure the valves control the flow any one failing will cause hair loss !

if the flow to the carbs is restricted /obstructed then the pump will remain at a low fuel level in the glass 



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If you decide to go the electric pump route suggest the Huco 3010 pull pump , I’ve fitted one on  my vitesse and fitted alongside the battery. I blanked off the fuel pump with a plate made from an old aluminium saucepan . The blanking plate is available on Ebay for about £17. I added a filter before the pump and before the carbs . The latter is the glass type so visual . I like the reassuring click click when the ignition is turned on . 


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There will be a small amount of air in the top of the pump, most of it goes away when the car gets up to speed and the fuel is sucked through at a faster rate, but there will always be a gap at the very top of the dome. 
In what way is it intermittent?
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OK so parts arrived today and I have a couple of questions if you would be so kind chaps...

Huco pump, horizontal or vertical?

Do I need a relay to the power lead via battery or will it draw straight from the ignition switch, instructions poor and don't mention current draw?

Inertia switch, button up or facing forward?

Inertia switch in power circuit or earth wire?

Appreciate any help guys.

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Horizontal for Huco adjacent to battery

inertia switch up

10 amp approx draw , I fitted a relay with switch in power circuit . I have a blade fuse box with 15 amp fuse 

if you need photos please advise 

Nb I’m no expert though fitted mine about 2 years ago and like the comforting tick tick when the ignition is switched on 


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I used an oversized home made blanking plate and mounted the Huco vertically on two rubber bobbins. I used the plastic clamp supplied with the pump. The bobbins needed to be mounted above the old pump fixings to get the best fuel line route. 

Its been on over a year and working fine (I just know I shouldn't say that!). 


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After buying 3 new fuel pump (last one survived 1 MOT 😔


Fitted a electric pump in sept 2018.

Still going strong all that time and I drive my spitfire daily (115.000miles in 6,5years).

What i bought:

-Facet posi-flow (low pressure)

-Decent fuel regulator

-Adaptor for a pressure gauge + gauge (only for testing)

-Used Peugeot/Citroën fuel cut off switch

-Some connectors and a extra fuse installed.





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