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Trying to fill in the blanks.

Phil Hayden

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With too much  time on my hands at the moment I thought I'd see if I could fill in the blanks regarding my car's history with your help.


The car is a TR6 registration EKV481L, Red ( paint code 17) with black interior.

Registered November 1972


Missing History 1972 to 1983  and 1989 - 1993


The car was sold by a Mr Slater of Old Catton Norwich in August 1983 with a milage of 10,300 to a Mr M Band of Great Yarmouth.

Mr Band sold the car in July 1989 with a mileage of 25,629 to someone in the Poole area.

The car was in Poole between 1989 and 1993 according to MOT records and taken off the road in September 1993. MOT Oct 1992 mileage 29,096.

It was recommissioned in 2018 having rested for 25 years with a mileage of 30,127.


If anyone has details of the car's history from 72-83 or knows of a Mr Slater of Old Catton Norwich or knows anything about the car in Poole between 1989 and 1993 that would be fantastic.





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