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Pre box section end heelboard


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Hello  has anyone got a close picture of preferably offside rear sill area, the area between the rear inner arch and suspension arm to body? Mines been botch welded with thick plate and tarred lol, horrible 

I know basic shape as the old bodywork was underneath but all fell off when cutting out the mess!


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Those pics are actually Spitfire.  They are structurally the same in this area.  If you have a rotoflex Mk3 then the radius arm mounts will be nearer the centre of the car though the heel boards usually have both sets of holes (you can see the roto holes in my second pic on the far left).

I've done a GT6 resto (mk3 roto) since but don't seem to have taken many pics of this area, probably because it was much less rotten than the Spitfire.

Have these if they are any help






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Thanks very much for those pics Nick, very appreciated. Mine is non rotoflex and the radius arm bolts to the outer two holes. I was told its the best model to have but know nothing about them. I nearly bought one 28 years ago but bought a 70 midget instead and restored and used that all over the country etc, got bored with it and sold it a few years ago lost interest  then thought hmm I fancy one of these, Im full on with it at the moment too!

Cheers Nick


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