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Vitesse 6 clutch


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As I have stated in other threads I have a Dolomite 3 rail with o/d fitted in my Vitesse 6. It has never been driven with this gearbox
I rebuilt the master cylinder recently and it is the original 0.625 for the 6.
I measured the slave today and it is 1" from a 2 litre Vitesse.

Do I change back to a Vitesse 6 slave which IIRC is 7/8 or fit a 2 litre master cylinder which I think is 0.7 . Both options I will need to buy the cylinders as I do not have any in my spares.




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i would use what you have . and try ,  if it clears ok   good

the changes come from coil cover diaphragm cover having small differences in loads and travel ,  i would not  be overly concerned

think youve done all the other points like thin throw out brgs at 15mm not the spec 19mm and wear on fork pins and dimples in the carrier  etc as all the small points add up to lost mechanical advantage



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I had the car on the hoist yesterday as I was filling the diff and gearbox with oil, GL4.
I decided to see what happened when I pressed the clutch pedal with the car in gear and I was delighted to feel no drag on the flywheel so it looks like using the Vitesse 6 clutch master and 2 litre slave might just work.



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