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Yellow spitfire , it's now yellow!

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22 minutes ago, NonMember said:

My compressor suffered a cracked cylinder head (probably from being toppled during a move) which I had repaired because new heads are unavailable. Other than that it's been flawless for about 25 years. When it finally gives up the ghost I'll get a belt-drive one.

Rob, I had a direct drive SIP, then about 10 years ago (it was probably 10 years old then, but still perfect) a belt drive SIP came up on a forum, only a year old and local/well priced. I snapped it up, and the difference in noise was remarkable.  I then sold my old one via fleabay, in the end the swap cost me about a fiver. 

4 years ago the blt drive was reluctant to start. The capacitor was dying, looked like something from Ghostbusters. a few quid and all sorted. But I would suggest you do yourself a favour, trade up. 


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One day i shall kick start this little resto, been a bit busy on the other two cars.

Anyway picked up this overdrive box from ebay today


Need to get a prop and gearstick for it. It needs a total rebuild by the feel of the selection and the input shaft but hay ho not easy to come by atvthe 100 pound mark. So watch this space but not too closely as there is still work to be done on the puma spit and 2500s first.

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5 minutes ago, Colin Lindsay said:

Never saw a gearbox with a catalytic converter before... what will they think of next?

Thats the flexible joint i cut off the pumaspit. My barns a bit disorganised,  todays job before i can make noise in the house as my sons on night shift.

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In for a penny,


Now you know when your in a junk shop and you see tools you have to buy but don't know why!


Found a use for it! Now open it up.



Thats why the imput shaft moves even though its in gear and the output does not.

Still i hope i have the spares to fix


Wish me luck


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Slow progress, lay shaft is buggered, i should be able to rescue the lay shaft and input shaft from one of the other gearboxes.20210612_134406.thumb.jpg.4534e27371015e96738d80edd59ebdd7.jpg





Will have a little break for something to eat and do an evening session. 


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Back on the case.


One of the spares i picked up last week (35 pounds). Feels ok and tested selection ok.20210612_172235.thumb.jpg.43064c977ff3dcc0754e455b7f6398cb.jpg

Looks clean, no oil but no bits either. Stripped and layed out


All gears look ok.


A good input shaft

20210612_184644.thumb.jpg.f5a277294e780a8343fe7c1291af2ceb.jpgno wear on the shaft of the non overdrive. Slight pickup on overdrive one.


Laygear looks good.

Ordered new seals and gaskets and rear mount. Will pop to bearing factors local to work on the way in monday. Overdrive box had fubar bearing to input shaft and only very slight wear to rear. The non overdrive gearbox had slight wear to front but moderate  wear to rear.

Back into work tomorrow night so i will leave everything covered in oil till build-up next weekend. Then i will sort, wash and oil as i build .


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Been nine years since i converted a jtype single rail to a gt6 3 rail. So took a little time to remember how to get apart. The last time i had 3 gearboxes to make the gt6 3rail j type. Two with the same number of teath but different angle of gears , so i will use the complete gear set from the unbroken one to make sure.

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Well i was thinking of getting the bonnet sprayed this set off, it looks like rain every day but Saturday so i should stop planing to spray as the weather allways ruins plans! Even got a fan to extract the fumes and create some airflow.


In preparation for the gearbox the gasket and seal set has arrived and chic doc delivered a gearbox mount. Poped into the bearing factors yesterday on the way into work. They have some bearings in Bristol, "good quality" so am waiting for a call  hopefully pickup by friday. 

So if i can't spray fingers crossed the bearings arrive in time. Cost of bearings TBA.

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