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Herald bonnet stiffener dimensions

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Hi, I have fitted the bonnet on my Herald so that I can get all the panels aligned before I paint it. Unfortunately a previous owner has cut both of the bonnet stiffeners (items 12 and 13 on the parts diagram. These are no longer available to buy so I will need to repair the existing ones. Could anybody please let me have some dimensions of the original ones?

Thanks in advance,


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Not easy to get at, but I've measured the top (longer) side as 150mm, allowing for the bit that is in behind the other panel; lower edge is 120mm and it's 60mm wide. All approximate as the tape is bent at all kinds of angles trying to get in there, but it's as close as I could get it. It will be the same width as the bracket it attaches to on the support tube, allowing for the overlap around the edges.



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