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Vitesse wooden door caps


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Thanks Dave

Reason for asking is I found two sets wrapped up with a couple of dashboards in my garage roof and while the varnish is flaking off the timber beneath seems to be in ok condition apart from water stains.
If I can get these to be reusable then I will need to darken them a wee bit to match the dashboard.


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I am wondering if different companies made the woodwork for Triumph and used different wayys to make them?
I do know that the large saloons made in NZ had different door cappings to UK built cars.
Not that I am saying my cappings are made in NZ as I am lead to believe only a handful of Vitesse  were made here, prefix 3 on the chassis numbers.

Mine dont look to be veneered but these did not come with my cars as my original woodwork got destroyed in a workshop clean up many years ago after my Mk1 2.5PI Estate was written off.

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