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Herald 3.5 J steel wheels - wide slots

Colin Lindsay

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I used to have a huge stack of odd Herald wheels and gave a lot of them away, unfortunately usually without looking, so I now find myself with enough to fit two Heralds (so not stuck!) but one wheel short of a full set of four early wheels. Early Herald wheels had four wide slots around the centre; later ones were changed to narrower slots. I have plenty of narrow slots but am short of one wide slot. Anyone have one they'll sell or even two so I can have a matching spare? First photo is the more common narrow, other two are the wide-slots I'm looking for; all 3.5 J.

FAD2E596-D4F6-4A10-9F93-4C58BB5A34C5_1_105_c.jpg.36e36eb2ca2439588acddd580e246d58.jpg 7469A0D7-C2EC-470F-8E09-98BA9D761DCE_1_105_c.jpg.19dd4ccba95bfad442f96873fc75cff1.jpg



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