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Towing Eye


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yes there is an front anti roll clamp with a recovery ring welded in this shows Vitesse  same bar used on later spitfires,  but search of the part no doesnt 

show the u bolt + coiled loop.  


I had one on the vitesse and it kept finding speed humps 





jus an idea



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I think these are more strictly described as 'tie down' loops, but no doubt they would cope with a gentle tow.


I've seen some at autojumbles and they (the ones I have seen - possibly not original) seemed a little flimsy.



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Why are you breaking down so often and what are the causes of the breakdowns ??


Perhaps flagging those problems up may be more beneficial in the long run rather than relying on a towing eye.


You will get to the stage where you will feel reluctant to take the car on the road and that would be a great shame.


Only my opinion.





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