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triple dellorto carbs


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DHLA's come in lots of varieties. Some of the later ones seem very flexible. (I had a pair of N on my zetec engine, bust needed the idle jet opening out from 55 to 62, everything else worked well)

But the jetting will depend on the spec of the engine, we don't even know if it is a 1600, 2 litre or 2.5, let alone cam etc.

All I have is some weber basic info, but dellortos are quite different. Besides, once running it will need a rolling road setup to get final settings.

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This may help as a 1300 Spit engine is much the same , just two pots shorter


Worth poking around some more in the carb section of the Sideways forum. There is a lot of DHLA info there. Will mostly be pre 2015 as Dave Powell, a DHLA expert, didn’t post much after that.

Clive is right too. Lots of variations and the common ones are the emissions versions which behave differently. There are threads that discuss this.


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