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Early Herald hub seals in rubber?

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I'm working on a series of vertical links for early Heralds some of which have not been dismantled in decades, if ever.

Whilst the link differs from the later versions I'm assuming the stub axle, the hub, and therefore the hub felt seal are all the same as later cars (very minor differences but generally interchangeable) as you can swap hubs between type 12 and type 14 calipers. The early links do not have any kind of water sealing cup, as on the later links, into which the felt seal fits, but on one I've found a very neat rubber seal which would match the position of the felt seal on the hub and which would face against the felt. I can't find any record of it on any parts diagram or in any manual.

Has any one seen these before? First photo is the rubber seal which remained when the hub and felt seal were removed; second is the remains of the more common felt seal on a different upright with no rubber ring. I'm wondering if it makes any difference to the sealing of the bearings etc, so might be worth obtaining more? Without this the felt seal will just mate to the metal of the link and this rubber one looks to be an exact fit, almost as if factory supplied, as an additional seal. Any thoughts?

1D307E45-87B9-4689-AD8F-E5DFAB2F9F0C_1_105_c.jpg.284374b58e64b13fbd656ffffe15a954.jpg  28CD9C07-2C41-4364-B4E3-6CFF10E5B395_1_105_c.jpg.e27960d7aae5e810585995ddb83b24f1.jpg






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the felt is a old design so going back in the years is unlikely to show up a more moren seal

i guess  if you get the inner /outer/depth dimensions there is a oil seal made somewhere that could fit  

wonder if this was from some fwd thinking previous owner ????  found a suitable felt replacement 

what was used on the atlas ??  hubs and a herald hub for type 14  the hub bevel was machined to give clearance to the caliper 

yes found that out the hard way and much fizz and sparks from the angle grinder 



hub 002.JPG

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2 inch outer diameter, 1.5 inch inner diameter and 1/8 inch thick.

It fits so neatly that it just looks right, but I've not seen one anywhere else nor does it appear in any manuals that I have. The top seal is from the caliper adaptors, they're still available (at least I'll know when the two I bought yesterday arrive), the middle/ right is the felt from a hub seal compacted and hardened so much it might as well be rubber, but the bottom seal is the mystery.


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